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Monday, November 27, 2006


It takes a lot of focus and concentration to win at poker, and since my little break I've found it slightly trickier to get into the mental place that lets me see the cards falling like a kind of meditation. I used to find that reading various blogs that discussed a hand or a way of thinking would cause me to search for answers and think about one hand or concept for hours, but lately I've had trouble finding anything that challenges the way I think about poker or makes me consider playing any different. Maybe that’s a good thing, as it means I'm confident in my own beliefs at least, but it feels as if I am not learning anything new and we all know that in poker, stasis = death.

The last post I read that I actually thought about for more than 2 minutes was this one by Juice. There were a few interesting pieces in the hand and so it was one that could be considered from that of the Hero, Villain and "What would Phil Ivey do" perspectives so I enjoyed thinking about it for a while. Juice has been reading Scott Fischman's book too, I've always thought that Fischman, Boyd et al associated with "The Crew" lack class but I'm always willing to consider anyones opinion on poker if it might improve my game so having read some of the posts from Juice I've got a copy of his book "Online Ace" and am going to give him a chance to impress me. I honestly hope it contains some "gem" of wisdom in it that will add a new level of depth to my play.

Seeing as it's been so difficult for me to find pokery content that makes one think, I did a bit of searching last night to see if there were any new blogs that might inspire. I did this whilst watching Panorama which had a special about the dangers of internet gambling. It was a strange episode, they didn't really tackle issues or discuss it in depth. They showed the presenter giving 2k to a young kid who plays poker for a living and in 48 hours he'd doubled the money, then they switched to a girl who'd stolen 1/2 million from her employers and lost it all betting on the horses. They then switched back to the poker kid and presenter who in the 6 hours of their scheduled recording time decided to go for broke outside all good b-roll management practices and blew the gains + original stake in a short time. Programs like this shouldn't demonise the activity, they should explain why bankroll management makes short term variance sustainable and educate people that this is the correct way to gamble and enjoy your fun whilst limiting your risk.

Back to the blogs, if you wanted to see what it's like to play at high limits and do extreme things with your bankroll look no further than 88%concentration currently on a downswing there's good advice being given in his comments but I fear the lad seems too young to take most of it onboard. He's a UK poker player, speaking of which I found some more home-grown blogs while I was surfing, so here they are

Dibble-tc who recently travelled out to the Singapore Betfair Asian Poker Tournament which was won by Tony G
Canary Mike, from Brighton - the blog often sounds like it's just a vent but the boy has ambition.
M C Roller from Aberdeen
Toshiwonka, in particular this post
HighStack Betfair player who I sat down at tables with months and months ago on occasion in the days when I liked betfair poker and their software wasn't as appalling as it is today. His limits far surpass mine nowadays and the blog is a good read.
and finally
Mrs Dests , who has a very similarly looking blog to Rosie who recently won another MTT, congrats !

Go have a squizz at some of these players if you need something refreshing I'm sure you'll find it in some of the above


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