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Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Poker Weekend

For the first time in months I had a monster poker weekend full of card passion ! It started on Friday night after work when me and the regulars gathered round at JA's new house for a game of Texas Hold Em. We had a very slow start to the game and didn't really pick up a decent pace until 10pm, but there were some interesting hands and we all had a great time. I made one excellent lay-down when Hooks check-raised the river on a J high rainbow board and I folded J-9 to which he showed QJ. I also made one good call against the host, when holding A8 on an A-6-5 board. I was in the BB and checked which allowed JA to move allin, I had a decision and the table banter wasn’t helping but I made the call and JA showed 10-5, all I had to do was avoid a 5 and a Ten. Unfortunately for me the next card off was a five and I was busted by the loose-aggressive gambler of our group. I rebought but that was a stupid decision, blinds were 100-200 at that stage and you got 2700 for a rebuy so I really only had one move left after the blinds went up, needless to say I was sent to the rail shortly afterwards. After coming to terms with my loss I offered to deal for the guys left in and eventually (at 3.30am) having watched Action Rich come back from the dead and Hooks play super tight with a big stack it finally came to a close when JA shoved bottom pair into Hooks' Pocket Rockets and so JA was busted and the other two split the proceeds. Good game all round folks, it was a pleasure.

Seeing as I didn’t get home till 4am, Saturday became a bit of a write-off and I spent most of the day in bed before watching 24 and not playing only played a little bit (an hour or so) of .25/.50 I made up for that missed day on Sunday though, playing around 1600 hands while 4 tabling yesterday it was probably one of my longest single sessions ever. I played well on the cash tables earning the last points needed for my VIP status at stars and clearing a $150 bonus in the meantime too. When I finally shut down the tables at 11pm I was up almost $140 + my bonus, so it was good day all round. I can feel the passion coming back and it's nice to have something to take my mind off of interest rates, tiles, curtains and carpets for a while. My offer of £182,000 for the flat was accepted on Friday and we're aiming to complete the paperwork and go to court on the 8th March. Following this there will be one month remaining on the current rental agreement (which is with a friend from work) so I will be a landlord for one month and can then move in on the 8th April. Well, I'm absolutely sh**ing it at the thought of being 182k "in debt", but there's nothing like jumping in at the deep end to learn how to swim ! When I finally get there I'll post some pictures of the place so you can follow my efforts at learning DIY !

My final thought for the day is regarding a blog I highlighted a few posts ago, 88%Concentration. If there were signposts on the Internet then the one pointing to this blog would say "IGNORE BANKROLL MANAGEMENT AT YOUR PERIL". It really is a lesson to anyone who ignores all the books, all the posts from seasoned players and all the sage advise of the pro's about what is one of the most important aspects of the game. I know I went through a stage where I thought, it doesn't apply to me, I'm better than them. Fortunately I found out it did apply to me early on, when it only cost me £2,000 and I could recover from it in a reasonably short space of time and learn my lesson in short, sharp fashion. Like getting little smack as a kid, you only need it to happen once and you'll never do that again.


Blogger MiasDaddy said...

Just spent a while reading 88% - man does he need help. I'm actually speechless.

9:15 pm  

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