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Monday, September 10, 2007

Confession of a poker blogger

I still really can't be arsed to sit down and play a long poker session. There's always something better that I convince myself to do, since there's not really any challenge in beating a load of pot bet or fold monkeys. This is not a good thing. I've started posting things on forums where I just play devil's advocate when everyone else is putting the same thing in there posts. I'm calling everyone muppet just to try and get some kind of desire to beat them going, but I'm still bored. I played the bloggerment last night and got my QQ busted by 99, that was the highlight of my poker week. There's one bonus to all this… I'm not addicted to poker, so my family can stop worrying about that !

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This week I played poker !

Yup, it's true. After a home game last weekend I doubled up on Sunday night with a reappearance in the bloggerment. I really enjoyed it and it was nice to see lots of friendly folks at the felt. My mind never really switches off poker, but I do drop in practice sometimes, and looking back over previous entries it seems this time of year is primetime for that. So mostly I've been reading lots of blogs, forum posts and books about poker. It's been refreshing. Tomorrow I'm going to start grinding again, I can tell that my mind and emotional state is ready for it, win or lose, I'm back to just wanting to play well. And that's always been the key to any success I've had at this game.

See you on the felt

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Push - 1. To exert outward pressure or force against something. 2. To advance despite difficulty or opposition; press forward. 3. To expend great or vigorous effort.

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