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Thursday, December 31, 2009

That moment when you think you're gonna throw up

No, I haven't been sick this morning, though I'm not far from it. Another couple of pints last night and I'd be talking to the porcelain god instead of working today. The moment of which I speak is that which comes from getting allin with the best of it only to see the monkey who called you add to his monster spew stack.

Yeah, I got bad beated out of a live tourney last night. I was allin UTG with 10BBs holding Ac7c, I got a good player in MP to fold A9, but a bad one on the button called with A4o and flopped a fuckin' four. That was the last bad beat story of 2009. It won't take long before I'm typing the first of 2010 !

Happy New Year to you, may all your dreams come true

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The i8910HD

I am trying to get a twitter client installed on my i8910HD. Apparently www.tweets60.com is really good. Either because this phone is a pain in ass to use or I am too stupid to work out all it's 'features' I am unable to give my own report on tweets60 because I can't get the bloody thing to work.

BBC iPlayer also only works about 20% of the time because the phone can't make a connection and it defaults to the network provider instead of WLan. Either because this phone is a pain in ass to use or I am too stupid to work out all it's 'features' I haven't been able to force it to select WLan by default.

Same for Youtube, Fring and Googlemaps.
I should really RTFM. Or have bought an iPhone instead.

When drunk I still haven't managed to add contacts to the phone without accidentally calling randoms in my list. Not good when the random is the bosses secretary at 2.15am.

I do love a challenge though so I'm not giving up yet.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In 2010 I hope

to hear less people at work saying

"I knew it would cause a problem in the future but that's what I was asked to do"

Where the problem is always something I have to fix


Expect this post to grow


Firstly, Merry Christmas and apologies for the delay ! I've been too busy to blog which is a mixed blessing. I played in a simply brilliant cash game last Wednesday with some insane hands and a grandstand finish. More on that later.

Time to look forward now, I prophecise 2010 is a going to be a year of adventurous beginnings. I have a few big aims next year if I can just keep navigating the same course.

New Year Resolutions / Aims for 2010

Quit Smoking
Complete Canuck Visa Application
Refurbish bathroom and kitchen in my flat
Visit Vegas during the world cup
Be successful with the largest project I've ever undertaken at work
Resurrect my blog by posting at least weekly
Continue to visit the gym twice a week
A girlfriend would probably be useful addition
Play poker for a minimum of 7.5 hours a week

The last one was going to be 10 hours a week but I decided to go easy on myself.

Somewhat concerning as I look through this list are the odds I'm giving on completing each item. It says something about me, but I'm just not sure what !!


The cash game

I was invited to join a group who have played regularly for going on 4 years. 2 of the players are colleagues from work and one guy I went to school with. Usually they meet at one of the players houses and self deal but last week they decided to play at the pool & poker club here and pay for a dealer at the table. It was a nice way to get into the game without the added worry of dealing. Our dealer looked a little dissappointed at the start of our session when we decided the game would be .25/.50p NLHE with a £20 buyin, but he soon changed that attitude when the chips started flying.

This is the point where I should regail the details of all the incredible hands that went down in the first hour, but I can only remember 3 of my own. I cracked Passive Phil's QQ with QJ when he allowed me to hit a straight on the river and doubled up. Then I beat a bluff on a JJx flop holding QJ again. Almost immediately I lost what I gained on that hand trying to win a pot with 72-off, as that is the law. A little later on I was up again when my KK flopped a set and I was soon up to £75. A few exchanges later including Aces that didn't get paid and a good bluff and I was up to around £120.

So we're getting late on in the game and that's when it happened. We had about 25 minutes left so the play was getting looser with people chasing losses etc. There were quite a few big pots flying around. I raised to £3 (as had become standard) in MP with KsJs and was called by Loose Colleague A and Tight Namesake B.

The flop
9h Th Kc

What fun !
My first mistake was checking this flop to see what action came after me. LC-A paused just for a moment and then went allin for £18
(at this point I'm thinking easy call)
TN-B then umms and ahhs for what must be close to 5 minutes before flat calling LC-A's push.
(and this is where the problem arises)
* OK so my read at this point is that LC-A could have anything and is just as likely to have me beat or have some crappy draw. TN-B does not have a made hand, else he would have called much quicker. I and TN-B have the largest stacks at the table and he just about covers me. The table saw me rush with QJ earlier. There are 20 mins left of the game.

The pot is now £45 and I have £100 behind. If I push here the pot will be £63 and it'll be £82 to call. Is that enough to get TN-B to give up his hand ? What range would he fold and what would he call ? Should I just get out of the way here ?

Contact Details

Yahoo IM : TanOrpheus



Ornate - adj. 1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented. 2. Flashy, showy, or florid in style or manner;

Push - 1. To exert outward pressure or force against something. 2. To advance despite difficulty or opposition; press forward. 3. To expend great or vigorous effort.

Ornate Push - The messy ramblings of a troubled poker player and tilted mind.


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