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Monday, July 21, 2008

Should (low content)

should be working more
should be playing more
should be loving more
should be doing more

... could be on my gravestone if I don't change something soon

back shortly

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


For now, 16 is the magic number. I can keep up with 16 tables at a time and play sensible ABC poker without too many mistakes. The set up is 12 + 4 and it means I get about 750 hands an hour in. Last night I played for just over 2 hours and finished $20 up despite a few sickly beats. That's another good thing about having so many tables open, I have no time to focus on the results of hands and so am just making decision after decision on street after street. The only result that can tilt me is when I look in PT at the end of the session and work out how I did.

Out for dinner with work colleagues tonight so dunno if I'll get any play time in after that. I am feeling a bit frisky today for no particular reason, which is a pleasant surprise !!! :o)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Multi (2)

Thanks for the comments about multi tabling Pud and Cell. My set up right now is one HDTV and one standard CRT monitor. You can fit more screens on the CRT but it is my secondary because it's old and not as good quality as the TV. So on my main TV I have the tables slightly overlapped in 3 rows of 4 tables and on the CRT I have 4 rows of 2 tables. I find for me this is the best combination of size with no overlap of the buttons so that everything feels comfortable. When playing low limits ABC poker 99% of the decisions are makeable in an instant so its very much a case of point-click, point-click. With 12 tables there are more lulls in the action and its easy to keep up with whats going on, up that to 20 and it really only becomes a problem when you have to pause with a decision to make and take like 20 secs over it. In that time another 10 tables might be waiting for your actions and you have to play catch-up a little bit. These occassions are rare but it can cause a bit of rushed panic decision making which would obviously be costing money over time.

Right now I'm finding it a simple, reliable way to bolster my bankroll and a win rate of just under $5 and hour is fine for what I need to achieve in the short term. I have no idea if that's a little, lot or average for these limits but its enough for me today.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I "deactivated" my facebook account.... FREE.

What a pile of toss that was. You may as well sit in the street asking people to throw tins of SPAM at you. Fair play for them getting all that money out of Microsoft though.

Fortunately the real friends in my world know of other ways to contact me without the need for a poke or "fun" wall.

Break time

There hasn't been any posts recently because I needed a break, I wasn't sure how long I was going to need but I think I'm just about there now. Summer here has so far been completely unreliable but nice weather yesterday meant we were able to go out in the boat for the afternoon and early evening, and as I've told you before that's got magic healing powers so today feels like a fresh, energised start.

So no poker makes Tan a dull boy and I reverted to my gaming geek persona for the last week. I did keep up with Pauly's coverage of the WSOP but that's about it on the blogger front meaning there are way over 1000 posts in my google reader to try and catch up on.

I think I feel like I've got the mental stamina back now to play some more grinding games so surely there'll be some poker content soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Daily grind

Still grinding cash, in a way it's nice. There's no thrill of the tournament plays but just a gentle rhythm that I'm getting used to. Last night I played 3k hands after upping the number of tables from 12 to 20. Definitely much harder, I'm not sure where my threshold for multi tabling is at the moment apart from it's somewhere in between. I would have been up $18 for those 3k hands were it not for the guy who's flopped two-pair rivered my trips for a higher full house. He said I deserved it for reraising pre with 88 into his AK, despite the fact that 90% of the money went allin on the AK8 rainbow flop. Ah well, these are the players we must pretend to like to keep them in the game. I'm sorry I called you a joke after you said that, sir.

More grinding tonight, and I might treat myself to the pain of a tournament ! Good Luck

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