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Monday, May 24, 2010

England & Lost

Tonight England will play there final friendly on home soil before the world cup starts in just 17 days. Unfortunately the Wembley pitch is still in such a shocking state that we can almost certainly expect one of Englands players to pick up an injury bad enough to prevent them from playing in the finals. I will be watching nervously. The best outcome tonight would be a very safe and boring 0-0 where no one runs around in order to prevent any chance of injury. (and no you can't bet on a player being injured tonight, I already checked) so instead I've gone for the 0-0 at 9/1

Weather has been fantastic here all weekend and I've worked on the boat to get it ship-shape for more of the same. Just spending a couple of hours there made me feel more sane.

Lost finished this morning. I didn’t watch it but having read the "spoiler" write ups I'm glad I didn’t watch for 6 seasons to just have it confirmed in the final episode that the island was exactly what we pretty much guessed it was from the end of season 1. I know some folks enjoyed it and at the start I loved it, but really did it have to go on sooo long !

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Mondays clouds have lifted thank god and I can see the future lit in the bright sunshine that has followed them. Summer is finally going to be here come this weekend and I can get to work on making sure our boat is seaworthy and maybe get a nice coast cycle ride in too. The USD-GBP market is doing it's best to put a downer on vegas but the rate is fighting a losing battle and nothing can dampen the vegas spirit ! Warm up for Vegas in two weeks when we head over to London for the weekend and then 5 weeks tomorrow, ash permitting, we'll be in the air and on our way. The best news of all, in just 22 days the greatest tournament on earth begins in South Africa and we can spend all day every day obsessing over football !

Monday, May 17, 2010


My future is a mirage at the moment shimmering some distance away. Current events are keeping me so busy on a day to day basis that I'm finding it hard to even take steps toward whatever future lies out there. Work is like a pressure cooker. The Cable rate is getting worse and worse making vegas more expensive, but any winnings more valuable. Gym time has gone up which is good, but only to relieve the stress of work.
I know times like these don't last long and will soon pass to reveal something brighter. Just wish it would happen sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Slightly hungover
My head is beginning to clear
Had review of the first half-year
Very disappointing messages repeated
Need life changing wins in vegas
Brightside is a cute girl from Hungary

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Ornate - adj. 1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented. 2. Flashy, showy, or florid in style or manner;

Push - 1. To exert outward pressure or force against something. 2. To advance despite difficulty or opposition; press forward. 3. To expend great or vigorous effort.

Ornate Push - The messy ramblings of a troubled poker player and tilted mind.


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