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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


It was my 28th B'day yesterday, its Hook's turn in 2 weeks time. To celebrate this weekend we all went out for dinner on Saturday night at the Blue Fish, no major H-isms to report :-( Then we went back to his to try and play poker, wasted. I was all bunged up, so were a few others, as well as being slightly pissed, it made for some interesting play !! I only remember two hands, Hooks allin vs "Action" Rich with 77 v 1010. It was the only hand in about 3 hours that Rich committed to and the first card off on the flop was a 7, doubling up Hooks. Eventually it came down to me vs "Tension Girl", TG is so known because she's smart enough to play well, and wily enough to table talk you off a hand, which makes any headsup pot with her a tense experience. The final hand saw TG as dealer, I was dealt A3o and decided to just complete the 400 BB, TG raised 1k, which was nothing unusual so far so I called. The flop was KAA and I bet out 1k, TG went allin ! I smilied and then started worrying about a higher kicker, but then figured with a higher kicker it would have been flat called anyway so I called the allin and was relieved to see TG flip over the Hilton Sisters. My trip aces held and I was declared winner of my own b'day tourney.
Then we sweated Action Rich in his MTT on Betfair and got him to finish 3rd out of 120 entrants :-) I finally got home at about 4am.
HH is back from Amsterday today, lucky lucky bastard ! I bet he's had a blissful weekend !
Poker's been on the back burner a bit the last week as there's been much going on and I keep getting distracted by other things like books, Lost, some good films on tv and return of the geek fetish for playing CS:S quite often. I'm sure the distractions will pass. When I have played its been mostly the $100NL tables on stars, and I'm usually finishing a few bucks up in the short time I'm playing for. I played in a $10 MTT on Friday night too, but busted just short of the bubble when my KQ on KK10 flop was busted by JJ hitting a J on the river, nevermind, thats the way it goes sometimes . Maybe I'll get some serious poker time in this evening...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bad blogger... good week !

If anyone is actually reading this blog, let me apologise for not updating. I'm new to blogging and still trying to work out if I'm good at it or have the dedication to keep it running. Time will tell. It's been a great week tho.
On Wednesday night before the start of the N.Ireland vs England footy (soccer) match I jumped onto betfair's exchange to see what the betting was doing, more than anything because I thought the game would be pretty dull and a bet would spice it up a bit, when I saw that N. Ireland were being offered at 32-1 I couldn't believe it, there's no way I can turn down odds like that so I stuck £15 on. Yeah I know call me traitor or whatever, £450 profit says it was worth it, I've never been less upset about England being shit at football !

On a high from Wednesday, I was feeling lucky and so Thursday night I entered and won back to back £10 SNG's, another £78 up :-) I figured I'd get some monkey MTT practice in by entering the £2er on betfair poker. I finished unlucky 13th for something like £8 but it was nice to get deep in another MTT and some of the players in those cheap ones are really entertaining!

It gets better... on Saturday night at midnight uk time I decided to enter the $5 R+A satellite to the $1000 WCOOP on stars. In hindsight this was an example of terrible game selection. Firstly, it was midnight and the tourney was likely to last 4 hours + , and secondly even if I was lucky enough to make the money, there was no way I'd have the time to play on Sunday night and still be able to make work on Monday morning. I was trying out something new though, and register I did. After reading a few ideas on flopturnriver about R+A MTT's I played like a complete maniac for the first hour, taking 5 rebuys but getting myself into the top 10% of the field, then tightened up, looked for opportunities and let the game come to me, for once I was in the zone. Finally, 5 hours and 15 minutes later, I joined 5 other players as joint winners with a satellite seat. Of course I couldn't play so I had to sell the W$, but my pokerstars account is now a very pleasing sight to behold.

Final bet of the weekend was on my team, Middlesbrough to beat the mighty Arsenal, after I heard that Henry wasn't going to be available for the Gunners. At 11-2 that looked a pretty good deal also so I placed a tenner on 'Boro. Boro took a 2-0 lead and everything was looking cozy, until the 85th minute when Reyes scored for Arsenal, but fortunately Boro held on, and I made another tidy profit.
I've got Thursday off work, so I may try and qualify for the limit O H/L on wednesday night, should be a laugh !

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