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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If I didn't know better I'd swear people were just doing things to wind me up to breaking to point today. 11.30 AM and I am on the edge of the cliff already.
If this continues I will be facing a manslaughter charge by the end of the day.


Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big coinflip

I can't work out if the worlds gone mad or had a sudden infusion of sanity injected into it. I have no idea where $700B dollars gets magicked from to rescue an economy. It looks like banks suddenly realised that swapping debt over and over again was really just moving numbers, no-one knew who owed whom and finally the house of cards that drove the economy for the last ten years is falling down. I'll admit I'm not exactly on the ball when it comes to economics. I got a "D" in my GCSE's in this subject mainly because I claimed in class that so much of it was illogical and driven by factors that weren't real. It's a mess anyway.

I'm sure there will be a bailout though. And I'm sure it will be presented as "McCains big idea". After all this is really what his campaign needs. Another thing I don't understand is how you can have one party in power in for 8 years, watch them make one f***-up after another and freely admit to having one of the worst presidents in history and still have unwavering support for the same guys in the next election. That seems like blind faith to me and it belongs in religion not politics. It seems even more crazy when the other guys left the countrys economy in the best shape it had ever been in when they left.

I'm glad I'm not a politician, voters are so illogical.

I read a joke recently "conservatives say government doesn't work, and then they get elected to prove it"
It isn't a joke anymore

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time !

Work has been really busy the last two weeks, but not stressful. It's been nice to have so much to do and feel challenged rather than bored. Unfortunately that's also why I haven't played at all. Rather than sit down and force a tired, losing game I've been waiting for the chance to play fresh. It's 3.30pm and today has been relatively slow, TheBrain says he's up for it and the TheBody seems to concur. Tonight we'll play, probably a tourney rather than some weak-tight cash grinding. I don't think I'd cope with a grind.

Studying's going well, the subject matter is really not complex. SPORE is one of the worst games I've ever wasted my money on. Please don't buy it you will regret it. You can have my copy if you want to test that statement for free.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Politico !

As a Brit I don't know much, this is what I have picked up so far :

Obama is a great orator but I don't know what his policies are.

I heard a speech yesterday and don't know what McCain policies are but apparently they are definitely different from Bush
I heard a speech last week and don't know what Obama policies are but apparently they are definitely different from Bush

Sarah is only hot because the other girl (Hillary) is so not-hot. Like when you see two '7's in a bar and one looks like a '8' because she has slightly longer hair.

Her voice goes right through me.
I have no idea who Joe Biden is.

Change ! What ? Is that a policy?
Country first ! What ? Is that a policy?

Let's build a bridge to an island no-one cares about
- Funding gets cut
Hey ! Don't build a bridge to knowhere !

If you are a democrat this is called flip flopping
If you are a republican this is called reform

God, Guns & Babies - repulican
Tax & Spend - democrat

McCain is really too old !
Hats that say "Drill Now" are funny. The range should be extended to "Drill Here" and "Drill Me"

Even republicans seem gutted about the Bush years

This might be the first time I have seen a party try to retain office by saying they were really different than the last guy, rather than stand on their record over the previous term.

Conventions are for extremists. If we weren't the "civilised west" the people who turn up there would be terrorising each other.

Swing voters are the only ones who matter, not the kind of people who get involved in internet/tv debates.

Target the swingers, get into to power. Simple.

I don't have a vote so it don't really matter that I don't know much !


I just went out and bought a copy of SPORE (a computer game) to see if it can entertain me during this coming rainy weekend. Hopes are it is better than most Civ type games which are just boring once you figure out the basic win pattern. My hopes are not particularly high though, despite the hype around this game. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Also studying hard for the first time in 3 or 4 years at the moment. I need to add some beef on my CV in case work really do start looking for places to trim. Exam 70-229: Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition is the next piece of paper on the road to economic salvation ! The idea is to get the exam sat by the end of the month.

Be good ;o)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Same as it ever was

Thanks for the welcome back messages, its nice to know you guys are still there. I got up on the horse again last night, spent $6 on a tourney to dust the cobwebs off and then loaded up some nice easy 10NL tables. Pokertracker didn't work due to a Stars HH config change but that was ok for me.
It was not ok for several posters on the PT forums who were apparently totally incapable of playing cards without PT's help. Even though they claimed it was their job.
I logged about 200 hands as 12-tabling the low limits quickly came back to me. My welcome back was complete when I got allin on the turn of a KQ73 board holding AA vs AK, a suicide King on the river swept those chips away from me and I got the familiar joy and pain of what "should" have been.
Oh poker how I missed thee !

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