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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

le weekend

Hello bloggers, readers, players. Hows tricks ? Life's pretty good here in the European blogosphere. I've spent last week layed low with a chest infection which meant no work and not much poker until Friday, but the weekend has been very good to me and I'm slowly learning the differences between tourneys and $1/$2 cash games. Sunday went so well at the cash tables that even losing $200 with pocket rockets not once but twice in the space of 15 minutes still didn't sour the day's play. One must simply be happy that there are still guys out there who'll pay $15 preflop with Ac9h and call a $45 bet on the flop with only a gutshot draw.

Sunday night as I was winding down I sweated -SOXY- in the $1M gtd on Stars, he finished in the money, only busting when his QQ ran headlong into AA. Bad luck, but well played lad. Finishing ITM in that field is still a great achievement.

Speaking of big tournaments, I guess everyone's heard the news about ZeeJustin, one of the online players who was gaining a reputation as a great MTTer. Well, just to recap he's been busted from Party for having multiple (like 6) accounts enter the same tournament. Talk about giving yourself an unfair advantage. Good news for everyone else at least, and great to see such high profile players come down on hard by site security. Maybe they'll do a "ZJ busted" tourney with the overlay being all his confiscated funds ?!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Very quickly...

I am just about to leave the office for the airport and flight home, but dudes, seriously you have to check this out... The Ricky Gervais Podcast It is the number 1 podcast in the world ! It's also some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. I should have given it a shout-out much sooner than this and I'm gutted this Sunday will be the last one in this series but there will surely be more to come, and those of you who havent heard it yet have 6 hours of bliss you can get immediately ! Now, go get Itunes, download the podcast and be prepared to meet the amazing mind of Karl Pilkington !!!

Short one -

I'll be back home tonight, aaah, lovely. In the meantime though lets give a big belated welcome back to The College Poker Girl. I was enjoying reading Anna's posts at the end of last year when she suddenly disappeared after a post about it being as hot as hell in Arizona. Go check out her stories when you have 5 minutes between hands....

On another note any dream experts out there drop me a line about this one - Had the most vivid dream for years last night where I was with my ex from 10 years ago (the first love u never forget) we were on a cruise ship which I imagine must have been sinking because I was desperately trying to reach her and couldn't, wierd obstacles like cars and stuff kept getting in the way. Anyway I was just reaching out my hand to finally reach her when I woke up. Wierd huh ? Two angles I have on it so far are 'it's time to let go' or 'its time to get in touch again'. Let me know if you've got any thoughts on it, or whether you even think dreams mean anything at all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's

Hope you all had some hot loved up nights last night. I'm in London at the moment for work so I didnt get any Valentines loving :o( I didnt even get any poker loving. I left my laptop at home cause I'd been told the place we were staying had no wireless but found out on checking in last night that of course they wireless and of course it's free. Dammit ! Oh well I'll be back home tomorrow and we have a home game planned for Saturday so I've got that to look forward to. I did find out the Gutshot card club is only 10 minutes away from the London office, but they have a corporate evening on tonight so it's shut ! I'm sure I'll be back here again fairly soon so next time I'll definitely stop in there and see if it meets the hype I've heard about it being the friendliest card room in the uk. And in case it isn't I'll remember to bring my laptop too. That's it for now. Be good to one another....

Monday, February 06, 2006


Being from the UK i dont know a huge amount about American Football, but it looks to me from watching tonight that the whole game swung on a few terrible ref's decisions. All of them seemed to hurt Seattle at critical times and it would have been a totally different story if the decisions had been correct. Oh well, unlucky Seattle, you was robbed! Better luck next time.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Culture Clash

I don't condone the printing of the cartoons, it was clearly inflammatory and highly offensive to millions of people. They add fuel to the fire for extremists who will only remember the things that suit their cause. But what's more damaging to Islam, the cartoons that were printed earlier this week or the fact that many are voicing their protest by pointing guns at embassies, burning national flags and making bomb threats ?

If you want respect for your religion you'd be better off diplomatically explaining your discontent (and fostering understanding of your religion at the same time) rather than pointing a weapon in someones face.
I thought faith was supposed to be a choice ?

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