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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

London Bombers

Police now suspect that the apparent suicide bombers in last thursday's attacks were British born. Home grown terrorists. I simply can't fathom what causes these people to take such action. These apparently young individuals were obviously warped by older and more cunning minds in their young lives, and somehow convinced to take their own lives in order to attack others.

I wonder what earlier events in these men's lives convinced them it was worth even thinking about this taking this pointless path. Did it have anything to do with the war in Iraq ? Could it be related to some minor incident earlier in their lives that they had never even discussed ? Bullying in school ? Racism ? Rejection by society ? Maybe they were caught up in the Bradford riots in the summer of 2001 ? Or were driven further in this direction by the rise of the BNP in their area. Quite likely it was none of the above, or a combination of them all, we will probably never know.

Whatever the cause, nothing can ever justify the cruel and callous way these attacks targeted the lives of innocents from all nationalities, all religions. Life is precious and every religion I've ever come into contact with has that as it's common theme. Those who say otherwise and use it to justify their actions are liars and would surely be rejected by their God for claiming so.

I hope extremism never touches my life or yours as directly as those poor souls who have lost loved ones during last weeks atrocities. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Whatever you do, don't let them win. Don't let it change you. We Are Not Afraid

In the wake of all this the emergency services and police investigation should be given praise indeed. Reports from the day itself suggest that all the drills which had been practiced ran suprisingly well in such a chaotic situation and the pace of the police investigation has been simply incredible to watch and very reassuring. The attacks also highlighted to me this blog, which is a fascinating and gripping insight into the world of the emergency services.


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