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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is a poker weather service announcement.

Summer is here, and like usual the British summer weather will not be all sunshine and smiles during the next 6 weeks. The start of the Uni Holidays will see an end to what has been a prolonged dry spell of average variance, normal flops, and decent play. High variance, bonehead plays and extreme swings may be ever present in this unsettled time, with areas of High and Low pressure both featuring over the next fortnight. Possibility of thunderstorms gathering late in the summer evenings.

By mid August the High variance is expected to decay, with Low pressure dominating in the south. The forecast may still be unsettled due to favourable variance for students in Manchester and Edinburgh, but in the main the heavy swings and downpours should have died down as the student grants begin to move away to the north-east

Late August will see a return to the balmy summer weather we all enjoy, high pressure will return from the south, but variance will drop as only those with some skill or Banks of Mum & Dad Plc continue to feature in mainland online poker. This will bring a dried spell of weather but with cooler nights, ensuring players sleep much easier.

Next Month - September - Indian Summer or Nice Weather for Fish ?


I've seen more crazy plays in the last week than I've seen all year. New players are descending on our world like never before and IT IS GOOD. People who can't play poker are playing poker against people who read books, study odds and improve their game. This is good news for everyone's bankroll.

It MIGHT be bad news for my temperament though.

Last night i was beaten badly by players on 2 occasions. I commented after each, "nh, but that was an asshat play" If someone outplays me I'll give them respect and say "good hand" or "well played" but when idiots beat me out I cant help myself, I feel the need to tell them they've been stupid, mathematically or strategically. AS IF it's going to make things better ! I got called a bad loser because "this is gambling after all" and "you gave me odds to call" which I clearly did not. I must learn to restrain the Helmuthian side of my play, it only lasts about 60 seconds, but in that 60 seconds I can go from being a normal person to a complete asshat. After all these same plays are what makes it possible to get to the final table in a 500 player multi, and I embrace them when using it to stay ahead of the blinds and other players. The thing that makes them so painful is the nature of tourneys themselves. You can make 59 great decisions and then the last one is either you own stupidity or someone elses luck and can make it all count for nothing. Losing hurts like hell, thats why I'm sometimes a bad loser. I admit it. I try not to be but I am, and in a way I'm glad I am, because if I wasnt I wouldn't spend so much time reading and practicing to improve my ability at this game.

I already medititate most days when I get home from work, so in order to try to control the "asshat" factor I'm going to start low level meditation while I play and see how it goes. I'll be sure to let you know if it has any positive effect!


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