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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hooks Home Game

I've been a bit slack updating this last week, and I feel guilty about that, ah the joys of having a blog. I know the 3 of you reading this (thanks mum, dad, sis) will appreciate my guilt. So what's the story, morning glory. Truth is I've had a rare chance to concentrate on poker. On Thursday last I placed 4th in the £3K gtd on one of Interpoker's affiliate sites, scooping around £250. Sure, not megabucks, but nice to place and play reasonably well. They seem to be really getting their act together at IP now, after months of poor server reliability. Also they've added mini satellites to the daily guaranteed, potentially costing very little against poor opposition to get entry to the nightly multi's, nice. Just remember Cloutiers advice that the Over/Under on satellites is 3.

We had a home game on saturday round at "Hooks" place. 2 of the players were completely new and raised the minimum whenever nobody else raised. It was only a matter of time, one of them actually played their hand blind to the river against my pocket aces. "Hooks" won the tourney in the end, after taking a massive pot for 80% of the chips on the table against Tim the Texas Twister. Tim raised it up with As Kh, and Hooks, chip leader in the BB called his raise. The flop was Ah Ad 7c. Hooks bet around 1/2 the pot and Twister announced All In. Hooks quickly called and flipped over Ac 7d for the flopped boat, no King came and that was that.

I did my best to put up a fight, going allin with Q-Jo, which held up vs J-10 and then the final hand my J-10 vs 10-9, with a 9 on the turn it was game over and hooks posted his second win of the season. It looks like we'll be playing again this Friday, good stuff it looks like this game is turning into a regular session.

Oh I played some Noble SNG's for the Million challenge. Pocket pairs still aren't holding up against any crappy ace, and I realised the games are basically turbo's, the blinds double every 7 minutes. Double. Not Increase. and 3 minutes quicker than most sites, no wonder they're happy to make it a million for 7 in a row !

Take care y'all, and good luck on the tables.


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