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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Still Alive...

Yup I'm back, sorry I didn't update much last week, yeah I know I suck, but it all got a bit hectic ! We finished with 2nd place in the battle of flowers, pretty damn good going and we only lost by 3 points. Last night we smashed the float up for another year and packed it away into the shed. Maybe I'll write a fuller update of the events with photos later this week.

In the meantime, I feel very poker fresh, so tonight I'll get my first chance to play in 10 days and hopefully it'll feel goot. Work is the same, except I think they have decided we are all unthinking idiots (why did they employ us then?!) we now have a "risk assessment sheet" to be completed before any software release. This sheet contains 10 of the most common sense questions (eg Is this app use by many people ? )and a score, which excel adds up for you ! No shit sherlock. I think I can work out that if I have 1000 users there's a higher risk & probability of getting my ass kicked when it goes wrong than if I only have 10 users ! I wonder why they employed us if they think we're that stupid ? Maybe it's all part of my covert conversion to cubicle clone.

I once read a piece about professional poker players spending their 'working' lives in conflict with their 'co-workers'. I don't think they're any more in conflict than with co-workers than any other large organisation. Certainly their are similarities - limited resources, probability & risk, and constant meetings generating and resolving conflict. It was so refreshing for me last week to be working with people who all had a common goal and will. It reminded me of the previous company I worked at, where 'what can I do to help" was the prevailing attitude rather than "I'm working at full capacity and efficiency, you'll have to apply for another resource unit to continue". Perhaps those days are gone forever in todays economy, perhaps its me, perhaps its just this office. I've spent a long time believing poker as job would be unfulfilling, or bad for my health, or those around me, but my gut has always been saying something different, shame life isn't a MTT, you should always trust your gut in a MTT.

More soon, thanks for reading...


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