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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A win and a mistake

Some nights you just hit the sweet spot, don't you?

In the minefield of a multi table tournament, we have players, cards and tilt all vying to take a chunk out of our stack, trying so hard to kick us in the junk and lol as we bubble out yet again. Last night, for the first time in weeks, I felt I really played well. I hit the path of least resistance in the $3 R&A satellite to the 500k on Stars, it was a great feeling to have over a 100k chip lead at one point. So, now I'm playing in the 500k on Sunday, which being on UK time is a bit of a shit for work on Monday, but I doubt I'll last that long anyway!

I finished 15th in an Interpoker Multi too last night, I went out on a idiotic mistake that has plagued my thoughts ever since. With about 7x BB left, I get dealt KsJs and decide I'm probably taking this hand all the way to the bank. Then UTG min raises. Crap. I hate UTG minraises cause I know they're damn fishy. Like an inexperienced player, I flat call. DUMB. The BB, the chip leader on our table completes (of course he's getting 5-1 he'd complete with almost any hand). The flop is K-2-4, all diamonds. UTG pushes allin, and I know he doesnt have the flush. I've completely forgotten about the BB. I push too. BB calls of course with 9-3 diamonds. UTG shows Kh10c.

If only I'd played this hand properly I wouldn't have been dead there. A Lesson learnt and put in the memory logs for future. Unfortunately my short time memory is crap, and I'll probably forget it in a few hours, only to be reminded of this cursed moment 40 years from now, when in my last precious moments on earth all the poker hands I ever played suddenly flash before my eyes.

My excuse for playing this way ?

The BB had been throwing his stack around a lot, especially at me, and I was just waiting for the opportunity to shove it back in his face and double up from him. I was on "I'll get you, sunshine" tilt, and as such played it poorly just to keep him in the hand.


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