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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


It was my 28th B'day yesterday, its Hook's turn in 2 weeks time. To celebrate this weekend we all went out for dinner on Saturday night at the Blue Fish, no major H-isms to report :-( Then we went back to his to try and play poker, wasted. I was all bunged up, so were a few others, as well as being slightly pissed, it made for some interesting play !! I only remember two hands, Hooks allin vs "Action" Rich with 77 v 1010. It was the only hand in about 3 hours that Rich committed to and the first card off on the flop was a 7, doubling up Hooks. Eventually it came down to me vs "Tension Girl", TG is so known because she's smart enough to play well, and wily enough to table talk you off a hand, which makes any headsup pot with her a tense experience. The final hand saw TG as dealer, I was dealt A3o and decided to just complete the 400 BB, TG raised 1k, which was nothing unusual so far so I called. The flop was KAA and I bet out 1k, TG went allin ! I smilied and then started worrying about a higher kicker, but then figured with a higher kicker it would have been flat called anyway so I called the allin and was relieved to see TG flip over the Hilton Sisters. My trip aces held and I was declared winner of my own b'day tourney.
Then we sweated Action Rich in his MTT on Betfair and got him to finish 3rd out of 120 entrants :-) I finally got home at about 4am.
HH is back from Amsterday today, lucky lucky bastard ! I bet he's had a blissful weekend !
Poker's been on the back burner a bit the last week as there's been much going on and I keep getting distracted by other things like books, Lost, some good films on tv and return of the geek fetish for playing CS:S quite often. I'm sure the distractions will pass. When I have played its been mostly the $100NL tables on stars, and I'm usually finishing a few bucks up in the short time I'm playing for. I played in a $10 MTT on Friday night too, but busted just short of the bubble when my KQ on KK10 flop was busted by JJ hitting a J on the river, nevermind, thats the way it goes sometimes . Maybe I'll get some serious poker time in this evening...


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