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Friday, October 07, 2005

George admits hearing voices


G-dub, pres of the USA, admits hearing voices from God, telling him he's on a divine mission to invade other countries. Bloody marvellous, a master stroke of PR, it leads people into complete confusion. Anyone who voted for Bush will never accept that they voted for a looney, so therefore it must be true "Our leader speaks to god, verily he is our savious". I wonder who was the last leader of a nation to blame the invasion of another country on the will of God ? One of us should look that up.

In other news from across the pond, plenty of mixed propaganda messages this week to up the confusion & fear factor a little more -
  • Alleged threat to NY subway - message "just reminding you about the threat"
  • Release of alleged intercept from Al-Q number 2 to Al-Q number 1 claiming all sorts of things like they are alienating muslims, need more financial support, are losing their best leaders etc etc - message "the war on terror is winning"
  • Bush is on a mission from god - message "questioning your leader is tantamount to questioning your faith"

And a reminder that the past should teach us lessons for the now...

"We are not like the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand so as not to see danger. We are brave enough to look danger in the face, to coolly and ruthlessly take its measure, then act decisively with our heads held high. Both as a movement and as a nation, we have always been at our best when we needed fanatic, determined wills to overcome and eliminate danger, or a strength of character sufficient to overcome every obstacle, or bitter determination to reach our goal, or an iron heart capable of withstanding every internal and external battle. So it will be today. My task is to give you an unvarnished picture of the situation, and to draw the hard conclusions that will guide the actions of the German government, but also of the German people." - Joseph Goebbels


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