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Monday, October 17, 2005

Le weekend

Hohum, what to blog about today.. I could tell you about the SNG on Betfair where I finished 4th to a player who was "Sitting Out" after being chip leader when we got down to 4 players. I could tell you about the turbo rebuy satellite on Paradise where I finished on the bubble but still just scooped enough of a cash prize to cover my entry fees. I could tell you about my pocket Kings that ran into pocket Aces.

But that would be boring and just me whinging about bad luck, or bad play. Suffice to say, the SNG was stupidity on my part, the Rebuy was just insane from start to finish and I didn't keep up with the insanity, and KK v AA is just one of those things. The SNG's I played this weekend helped cover the buyins for the multi's I played, and overall it was a break-even weekend. Distinctly average.

I'm restarting my tracker spreadsheet as of this evening, and will probably keep a record of it on here. Having withdrawn 80% of my bankroll due to an impending tax bill I'm going to start low - very low - and slowly build the bankroll back to where it was. That means I'm playing £5 SNG's and £2 Multi's, which will be a frustrating pain in the proverbial but I'm up to the challenge and it's always good practice.


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