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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Played some poker, two MTT's. Busted the first one after making a perfect squeeze play from the SB that a guy with pocket 3's either didnt understand or simply didnt think about - wierd call by him, but I love the squeeze play and I'll carry on with it considering those are the kind of calls I might get. Busted from the second one when I pushed with 1010 and was called by KJo and AQo, the Jd flopped and that was me and the other guy busted lol.

Despite getting one of those amazingly comfortable nasa-designed mattresses for my birthday, I still have trouble sleeping before 2 am most evenings. Granted, I am having the best nights sleeps that I've ever had and it's a pleasure sitting in bed, but given that I get up at 8am that's a maximum of 6 hours sleep, which isnt ideal and leaves me running at 85% of ability most days. It can't be good and I need to make a real effort to find a pattern that allows me to sleep at 11pm so I'm fully rested the following day.

Been reading a funny book on what I'll call "Project G" for now. The strategies and skills involved bear a striking similarity to Holdem and show just how many skills learning poker can teach you. Anyway suffice to say Project G will be an interesting skill test and will I'm sure gain me very valuable experience for many other areas of life too.

Tonight I shall mostly be.... Enjoying a couple more MTT's, playing Rome:BI and letting Itunes dictate the mood.


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