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Friday, October 21, 2005

TFI Friday !

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS to John and Debs on their Engagement, proving that love conquers even the most difficult language barriers (John is Scottish and Debs is Australian) I hope you have a very beautiful future together.

Secondly, tomorrow is Hooks' official birthday lunch bash, starting at 2pm. That means I am highly unlikely to do any blogging/poker tomorrow as I will be mostly trying to keep up with the power drinking. Memories from last year are already making me feel queasy. I actually missed the entire lunch last time because I was still throwing up from the night before. Hooks' and I had gone out for a couple of quiet drinks after work, planning our best behaviour due to the lunch the following day, and ended up on Sambuca shots by about 8pm. I got home at 3.30am that night and was throwing up until around 4 pm the next day. Eventually after lots of text messages telling me I was a poof and a girl and no longer one of the boys, I crawled out of bed around 7pm and managed to make it back to the pub to meet them and carry on the second day of celebration.

I expect to see exactly the same levels of debauchery tomorrow that I missed this time last year. With Hooks' brother and father joining us for the day its a virtual sure-thing.

Oh, and of course, here's my updated SNG stats including lots of bubbles last night...

Total Tourneys 34

Total entries £187.00
Total prizes £305.00
SNG Profit £118.00

ROI 63.1%
ITM 50.0%

I really need a separate section just to store these stats so you aren't bored by them anymore.


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