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Thursday, November 24, 2005


The last couple o' days have been bonzer. I finished 5th in a 180-sng on Stars, but totally botched the final table. I got deep in another MTT on betfair picking up a few quid in the process and I started playing cash games again. I think I learnt enough in the last 6 months to go back to playing NL cash. I used to get bored at cash tables and have desperate urges for the blinds to be raised like they were in tourneys. I couldn't keep the same tight frame of mind that I had at the start of a session all the way through for 2 or 3 hours. But now I can last that long and play decent ring game poker. If I have a tourney table open at the same time to take away the aggression urge from the cash game it helps to, as long as I remember which is which. I made $120 on the $50NL table I was at on Ladbrokes poker last night and $160 on the $50NL table I was at on Stars, which pays for my latest few tourney entries.

I kinda donked my way out of the $10 rebuy on stars last night too, after finding an ATM in the last 15 minutes of the rebuy period, I had stacked my way up into a good position, as had everyone else at my table. One guy tilted when his AcKh was beat by Qs3s and pushed EVERY hand for the next ten minutes. Everyone else just took it in turns to call his allins, after 12 allins, not one of them hit and the guy quit having spent at least $240 in 10 minutes. It was a free lunch, and we weren't complaining !

The second hour I literally got dealt one playable hand, QQ which only picked up the blinds, then I stole a few blinds in the 3rd hour when everyone tightened up and we approached the bubble.. until.. the chip leader two to my right raises it up 4x on my BB. I made a bad read and thought he was just trying to pressure me, so I pushed KQo and he immediately called and flipped AA ! lol. I felt like a donk but nevermind. I finished 140/723. 83 got paid.

Oh and I played limit and actually enjoyed it for the first time in my life over at PokerBlue, thanks to Iggy for the headsup on that site, the play is most unusual there to say the least ! I think I'll enjoy putting in my 4 hours a week there to get into the weekly freeroll :o)


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