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Monday, November 28, 2005


Yesterday was a marathon good poker day, albeit frustrating but if I'm gonna play for a 6 hour session there's bound to be few frustrating moments. The worst of these was 10 minutes into another of the 180 SNG's on stars where I raised 7x the BB with AsKs and was called by the guy next to me and the Big Blind, the flop was 5dKh8h and I bet out 200, which was about 2/3rds of the pot. The guy next to me pushed, BB folded and I thought for a minute, doubted he had trips and called. He flipped over KdJh, happy days, until the turn came 4h and the river 2h, giving him a runner - runner monkey flush and knocking me down to 160 chips left. I just typed "clever!" into the chat box but got no response. Fortunately I caught some good hands over the next 30 minutes and got even again, back up to 1500 chips, and then converted that into reaching the bubble. Along the way I beat pocket 9's with AQ and was told by the guy with 99 that it was "daylight robbery", he was so p'd off about this that he railbirded me for an hour after getting moved to another table and when I finally busted - on the bubble btw - he was there to say "bye". He busted the very first hand ITM.

In the other 180 SNG I played I made the money but couldn't convert to a final table finish so only got a small profit.

On the cash tables I made about $260 overall spread between ladbrokes and pokerstars so it was a nice day to be up overall.

Oh, I started using the rowing machine to take out the frustrations of bad beats. It works. I also tried to give up smoking this morning but was ready to kick small cute puppies by midday and cracked. I'm sadly addicted, and can only hope I find some way to give up soon before it becomes a real problem


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