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Friday, November 25, 2005

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Another fun night at the tables, the $$ game on ladbrokes was rocking as usual, and I was lucky (?) enough to get the table sucker sat on my immediate right. He was reraising preflop with hands like K9 off, at first I thought it was a ploy to trap us, but it became pretty clear it would only be a matter of time before he went bust. I got some good hands early on against other players at the table and was soon up from the $50 buyin to $134. Fish on my right managed to get lucky too and got his stack up to $86. He kept raising preflop, I kept telling myself to wait. Then, finally i get KK on my big blind and he raises one limper as expected, I reraise to $8 which is a pretty big PF raise in this game. The limper calls and fish calls too. The flop comes down Qc5h4s - not too dangerous right ? The limper bets $2, fish raises to $7 and I reraise to $20. The limper folds and the fish min reraises me to $40 - I hate min reraises - in a game this low it usually means you're completely f*cked and the guy is scared of betting and scaring you off - not heeding this advice I pushed hoping he had AQ, unfortunately he had QQ and screwed me over for the gains I'd made so far - back down to $44. I started hacking on him and acted like i was on tilt telling him what a bad play it was (even though it wasn't) and how he wouldn't have my money for long with the way he played cards. He was up to $165 and most of it was my money. I wanted it back.

About 15 minutes later I get 67 off on the button. I had good odds to call a $2 preflop raise that 5 others had called also, including Fishy. The flop was 335, good but not great, unlikely to have hit anyone else. There was a $1 raise which everyone called. The turn was the miracle 4 that i needed. There was a $2 raise when it got to me and I reraised to $7, only the fish called - :o) - the river was a Q, fish bet $10 I reraised allin, he called pretty quick and mucked. I was back to $114 and had most of my cash back.

There were a few more small exchanges until fish called off most of his gains and got back down to $60ish, he quit then so at least he could say he'd made a $10 profit for the night. I left soon after, the action had gone and the tightened right up after that.

I made it deep in the $10 R&A on Stars again too, but misplayed two hands of pocket 5s and busted when I was short stacked just 10 from the bubble - 93rd out of around 700. I'm still making mistakes, but I can see them clearly, and rarely repeat them. I'm just happy to consistently make it deep in these tournaments.

It's gonna snow today and this weekend, which is kinda rare for here so there'll be lots of chaos and car crashes, should be a fun weekend. Oh and don't forget to watch the Hatton belt unification fight tomorrow night live from Sheffield ! It should be a corker !


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