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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MTT's and Improving

Yup, I haven't been bloggin much, sorry. Been playing too much poker to blog, but here's a general recap of last week. Early in the week I won one of the $3 rebuy sats to the $500k gtd on PokerStars, a good start to any week I think you'll agree. I then played only MTT's on Stars all week, I think I placed ITM in about 20% of them, and accumulated around 600 TLB Points :-)

Those 180-man SNG multi's on Stars are the best thing to happen to poker since the first guy said "I'm all in"
I havent won one yet but I've had 4 final tables in 10 attempts now, which should give you an indication of how fishy they are. Seriously, if you aint tried one yet and you can play decent aggressive poker get in there.

Sunday's 500k gtd saw me make it to 463rd in a field of around 3,400. 350ish paid. I was really happy with my play, I made some good laydowns and the two times that I was allin I was a favourite and got unlucky. I also folded pocket 10's twice preflop to bigger hands, and both times would have made a full house, I was (correctly) happy about those decisions, but could have had a much higher finish if I'd been willing to gambool on those perfect 10's.

Last night I played some more MTT's, and did ok again, I took 5th in another 180-sng (note to self : I should have done better and busted on a donkey play) I also played the $11 rebuy with 765 entrants and took 33rd in that when my QQ in the big blind was busted by the button's KQo... when a King arrived on the river, ouch !

Its ALLLL GOOOOD though, my b-roll has been nicely padded and I can safely say I am playing the best poker of my short lived career. A win is just around the corner, I can almost taste it.


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