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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh, what a night

Tough tough tough poker night !
I played in the $3 rebuy satellite on stars for the 500k on Sunday, and busted in 32nd out of 440 when my aces were busted by KJ off - No I did not limp them - everyone's playing tight at the table, I made it 3x UTG, folded round to the BB who calls. The Flop is K 4 7 rainbow, the BB bets out 1/2 the pot, I go allin, BB thinks for about 20 seconds and then calls. The Turn is the J of clubs and my bullets & balls are busted.

Then I played another $20 180 man multi. With about 120 players left and after chipping up to about 3800 chips I get aces on the button with the blinds at 50/100. UTG player raises to 150, it's folded round to me and I make it 450 to go, the SB (with 4,400) calls, the big blind reraises to 1000, UTG player folds, and I push allin. The SB uses up 30 seconds of his time bank and convinces himself that his 9's are good and calls and the BB folds. The flop is 10-5-6, turn 7, river 8. Making the straight. No, I do not need you to remind me that idiots like this are what makes poker profitibale. I just needed to vent that.

It's one sleep and 12 hours later now, and I still can't get that one out of my head. I always try and think "what are they thinking" so I canlearn but this one is just plain, simple stupidity. I'm guessing the thought process with 99 here by him should be... UTG raise - thats bad, button reraises - that's really bad I should fold, BB reraises again - f*** that's a nightmare, button goes allin - oh f*** me there's no way my 99 is good here I had better fold I will still be way ahead of most of the field with the chips I have. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Yeh, bad beat stories, so sue me.

On the bright side I did successfully complete the target i set for myself last night which was to qualify for Absolute Poker's $75k Guaranteed which is on Saturday night. Should be interesting.


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