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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Badly Beaten

Poker Stars decided to f**k me up the ass tonight. By the time the blogger tourney started I was already on virtual tilt.

You'll probably want to skip next bit..

**Bad Beat Bitching Begins**

$20+2 180 Game 1
Blinds 50/100
I'm dealt Ac Qc in the BB, MP and Button limp SB completes and I check (perhaps the mistake but the idea was to conceal my hand if I hit the flop) Flop is 4h Qd 6s, perfect I think. SB checks, I check, MP limper checks, Laggy player on the button bets 500 (just what i wanted) SB folds and I raise to 1200, MP limper folds and the button pushes, I call and he shows Qs Js.
Turn - Jc giving him 2 pair
River- 2s


$20+2 180 Game 2
Blinds 25/50
I'm dealt KcQc in MP and raise 150 to make it 200 to go, only the BB calls. Flop comes 9c Td Qs. BB checks and I bet out 300, BB calls. Turn is the 6h BB checks again I go allin for 810 BB thinks for a while and then calls, for almost all his chips and shows Ac Ts (?!) River is the Ah, giving him 2 pair


Most embarrasing one - I was in FFS mode now
Blinds 10/20
Just 8 hands in to the blogger tourney which i was really looking forward to I get KK in the SB. UTG+1 limps in, Button calls, I raise to 100, BB calls everyone else folds. Flop is 9d Js 9s I bet 150, BB raises 310 more (min raises are like a red rag to a bull for me) I go allin BB insta-calls with Ts 9h. I have no idea why torgeauxSA called the raise with 9 10. It might have been cause I got pushed off a hand I should have called and won 2 hands earlier, I'm sure netdonkey missed his flush draw but I still folded to his river beat... weak !

*** Bad Beat Bitching Ends ***

Ok so the last one wasnt a bad beat, i was an idiot for pushing, but anyways I was first out of the blogger tourney ! Infamy gained on the first night that i got to talk to lots of bloggers in yahoo chat. Oh well. Me's a donkey sometimes.

I'm jumping into one last $20+2 before i go to bed seeing as all the bloggers are up and it makes me feel cool to chat to them on IM


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