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Friday, December 16, 2005

Four more MTT's

Four MTT's last night, 3 of them simultaneously, which in hindsight is too many running at the same time. Here's the summary anyway -

Stars -
$20 180 - 18th $43.20
$3 rebuy sat - 90/408 (21 paid)
$10 rebuy - 115/820 (81 paid)

Betfair -
£10 21/441 £35.28

Average finish - top 13%

Seeing consistent deep finishes like that over the last, I dunno must be about 6-7 weeks now, has been more satisfying than the one big finish the other night. Whilst 2004 may have been the year where I learnt the most about this game, 2005 has really been the year where I felt I started to understand it, and got a lot of experience in the application of that info 'on the felt' so to speak.

While I think of it a quick thank you to Iggy for linking me up and being the first person to quote me on the internet ! Thanks again dude.

Back to the tourneys.

The $20 180 was relatively straight forward, I think I only played about 6 hands before we were on the bubble, and they were AA,KK or AK. I then ended up as one of the short stacks and the bubble lasted for a fairly long time. I played it too tight to be honest, but it was still nice to have another ITM finish.

In the $10 rebuy I didn't make huge gains or anything during the crazy rebuy hour and was well below average when the first freeze out hour started, but blinds were still very low in relation to what chips I did have, so I just bided my time until the good cards came and held up. Eventually I was short stacked near the bubble again, on the bottom rung and with blinds at 1k/2k 100 ante I pushed my last 12k from MP with Kd9d, got called by one of the big stacks who had 55. First card off was a 5 followed by K and A, i got no more help and busted out.

Finally the Betfair tourney was just insane. With 1500 starting chips the general rule of thumb for MTT's is that half the field will drop in the first hour. Against a field of good players, or with a larger starting chip count it will be less. This tourney ? With 441 starters, at the break we had only 134 left ! 70% of the field gone - outta there - busted. The highest the blinds got to in that hour was 100/200. These tournaments might start getting some more of my attention again soon, with so many playing that badly they are a nice soft option.

Tomorrow I've got an Empire $10k freeroll to try and win, so tonight I'll be back out there in the trenches getting some practice in. Gimme a shout if you wanna say hi, I'm tanorpheus on the yahoo thingy.

'Till next time, Good luck on the tables.


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