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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Heat 1

As warm up for tonights 500k on Stars i entered one of the $20 180 man SNG's again. This time I did something right and finished 2nd ! Gutted i didnt win, but $720 for four hours work is a nice return and I played half decent. In the final hand I was allin on a 9d 10d Jc flop with Ah Js I just had to avoid a diamond, but one came on the turn and I was beaten by the flush.

The night before last I played on ladbrokes for a little while with LittleAcornMan, I tried a Hammer move on him but he had me well beat and fortunately reraised me on the turn to let me know he wasnt folding ! It was good fun to play with another blogger again on a table full of donks. He finished way up with some good play, I just stayed even for night but was wasted by then and passed out after an hour or so.

Go check out his blog to see how well he did !


Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks for letting me know you had the hammer.Just a shame it had to run into a monster.

Linked you up today.


10:58 am  

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