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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hi there, been a few days hasn't it ? Hope you've been running hot.

Me, I'm doing ok, after playing good poker last week I let complacency sneak in on Monday night and played like a donkey, I felt like crap too and had a really bad cough set in (note to self : give up smoking) That kept me awake all night Monday and the last time I looked at the clock it was 4am, so I went off to the docs on Wednesday morning and got prescribed antibiotics to kill a chest infection. I'm on holiday for the next few days for christmas so at least for once being ill wont interfere with work much.

I was back to playing pretty good yesterday, I won a seat in the EPT qualifier on Saturday, for a 30FPP investment, needed top 3 out of 334 for a seat and managed it. I had a bad moment against a loose crazy stack in a rebuy, allin with two pair on the flop he turned trips to bust me with a crap hand, i guess he though my reraise and then allin was a double bluff.
Made one more final table in a 180 yesterday also, and took 5th after I pushed AQo on the button only to run into KK from the SB. Good game though.

B-roll took a small dip and then today is back at it's equal highest level. Tonight I think my friends and I are all off to see Kong, will be good to see everyone together before christmas. Good times.


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