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Monday, December 19, 2005

I found my Mojo

12 December 2005 - 18 December 2005

The most successful week of my poker life

It all started with last weekends $700 win for second in a 180, then on Tuesday I hit 3rd out of 824 for a $3,293 payout and finally last night I had the icing on the cake, with a $1,080 1st place in another 180.

I owe a massive luckbox Thank You to this little railbird who brought me awesome suckout skills to bust everyone at the final table. Yeah I got lucky, very lucky, better lucky than good though right ?

7 days, 2500% increase in bankroll. Now the challenge will be to hold onto it ! I believe I've got that covered, seeing as I have the good fortune of past mistakes to guide me through managing this.

This is a pic of the final hand, allin preflop after the villain pushed for like the 7th time in a row, anyone who knows me will know I aint laying the down the Jack of Hearts. Ever. That card's got style. It's the best card in the deck, and there's no way I'm folding it this late in a tourney.

Tonight I'll look at the hand history and see if there's any major questions in there. The only thing I know for certain is that it will be hard to top a week a like this.


Oh ya, the Ad Jh hand from the Satellite in the last post - well I had the Jh didn't I ? I couldn't lay him down, even though I probably should have. Villain flipped over 44. I flopped a Jack and turned another to seal the deal.


Blogger Veneno said...

Sweet! Now please pass the mojo..lol

3:38 pm  

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