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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lucky December

Here we are then, last month of the year, last chance to push up those poker earnings for 2005. December '04 was fantastic, I took a mates £20 that i owed him and in a week turned it into £800 and payed for his and my flights to America in May. When I get round to it I'll type up some stories from that road trip, for now you'll just have to trust me it was one of the most memorable holidays of my life.

Tonight when I got home I downloaded yahoo messenger and started going about adding some bloggers that I read to it. If you feel like adding me and giving me a shout its 'tanorpheus' on there - that's also my name on most of the poker sites I pay on. There's a few new links up on the top left so check them out too.

Poker tonight ? Yeah I played a little, i joined the $3 rebuy satellite to sundays 500k GTD, I made it to 70th or something like that but wasn't really able to focus and when i did bust it was my AK that ran into AA, so I wasn't playing too bad. Played in 2 x 180 SNG's and busted around 30th in both, AK couldn't beat QQ on the first one and QQ couldn't beat AK in the second ! Wrong side of the same coin flip both times doh !

Then I figured its a little while since I played on Betfair and when I last was there I was getting frustrated at the £5 SNG's, so with £30 in my account I just thought what the hell and joined a £20 SNG. (That's terrible b-roll management by the way and I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't just been paid and planned to reload anyway) Well, I got lucky and won it. I was down to 8 BB's with 6 left and everyone under blind pressure and pushed 77, the BB called with TT and I hit that 3rd lucky 7 on the river. There was the usual "this sites a joke" comment, players have such short memories, we've all been on the wrong side of those beats - better get used to it or poker's gonna kill ya! After my miracle suckout I was flanked by 2 short stacks, the one on my right pushed, I called with A2o, the one on my left pushed over the top so I called that too, I was up against K9o and QQ. The flop brought and ace and we were in the money.
After the final short stack busted, cant remember how, we were heads up and dead even in chips. He was weak, allowing me to see any flop I wanted and check-folding to any bet. I accidentally clicked allin after he'd raised on one flop, when I meant to just switch windows - that turned the tide though, I had a 2-1 lead and pushed 7-10 on a 7 high flop which held up against his K-10. So GG me ! £100 win for 1st, or £78 profit :) Did I mention December was lucky ?

I'll leave you with this Hangover Guide for all you bloggers who are going to need it in Vegas !


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