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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Manic Mondays

After a torrid time at work with intranet addresses "disappearing" (someone changed the wrong DNS in the wrong place at the wrong time) staff conflicts (so and so thinks so and so's been taking more than their holiday entitlement) and STP fx and tx servers 'freezing' (still havent solved that one) I bailed from work as soon as I could and came home to try and relax. So obviously i wasn't going to play poker because I was far to tired....

Ya, well I could manage 30 minutes couldn't I ? onto ladbrokes I went at a .25/.50 NL table, and an hour later having started with $50 left the table with $130.

I was easily convinced by this that I was not too tired to play poker.

$3 R&A satellite to 500k - 381 entered, I finished 110th

$20 180 entrant SNG - I overplayed JJ after being bluffed off the previous hand, i was 5th with 28 left, and pushed my SB stack into the button raiser's KK - silly - i should have thought about the hand more and I could have got away from it if i just reraised to find out where i stood.

$20 R&A with 819 entrants - I finished 56th for $92.25, everything was going fine until we passed the bubble, soon after that i went mad on one hand due to some unforeseen force of evil. I ran a terrible bluff on every street of a really scary board and donked off more than half my chips. It was always going to be a struggle from then on and when my AK couldn't hold up against the big blinds pockets 2's I was dumped out with only a "gg" to console me.

Good fun and good poker. I really enjoyed playing tonight :)


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