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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Missing Out(s)

Jeezers. Reading all the long-time US bloggers posts about hooking up in vegas is strange ! Everytime I read about "10 days","Storming the Castle","Strip Clubs" and "The Hammer" I feel a part of what you're all feeling. A small shot of adrenaline is released into my veins and then rapidly dissipates, invariably resulting in me hitting expedia or virgin atlantic's website and checking how much that trans-atlantic flight is again. Unless I win the $500K gtd this weekend there's no way I'll be in Vegas this side of 2006, so there's no way I'll be in Vegas this side of 2006. May next year is the closest I'll get a chance to go back to the city of sin, but back I shall go, eventually.

Not that I'd be comfortable if I was going anyway ! I'm terrible in large group situations, tragically shy and introverted compared to some people I know. I'm sure a few SoCo's could soon bring me out of my shell though. Not that many people going would know who I was anyway ! Maybe next time they have a WPBT gathering I can go incognito, secretly armed with hand histories and web page psychology that would give me the edge to bust The Hammer veterans !!

Well I'll go back to my desk now and daydreaming of the day I can join you and meet the folks who I already feel I know, even though it's only through reading your bits and bytes when I should have been earning a crust. Have a great WPBT Winter Classic all.


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