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Friday, December 02, 2005


This post might ramble on a bit, as it includes several hours worth of friday-morning-cant-wait-for-the-weekend thoughts.

Lunch today is gonna be a pain in the ass. I've got to go and pay my tax bill. It's a huge kick in the junk, made even less palatable by the dumb politicians in this tiny island who can't seem to cut state spending and every year in the summer (when the bills are sent out) tell us we're facing something like a £3M deficit and then by December tell us we've got a £2M surplus after they counted up the change that fell down the back of the sofa. Still one has to pay, even in a "tax-haven" island like Jersey, so I'll swallow my medicine, and hope against hope that someone spends it wisely next year. Please, PLEASE no more cows -


or "Internationally reknowned" steam clocks

£350,000 of taxpayers' money was spent on this clock.

I would however support any states member who decides to use my tax money to drive forward any feasibility studies, marketing campaigns or education of fellow states members with regard to a change in the gambling law of the island, which would allow a casino to be built, generating huge tax revenue and actually doing something to help the dying tourism industry here! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.

I read my stars today (yeh I read my stars, what of it?) and here they are -

"I've probably been waxing philosophical lately on the theme of, 'there's no substitute for experience,' but if not, please let me have a go at it today. There is indeed no substitute at all. The kind of experience that will be the most profitable for you is any form that involves co-operation. For the foreseeable future, the most productive game of your life will involve anything that requires you to maintain and develop your individual identity within the context of a group dynamic. No matter how this has gone for you in the past, you're in for a true adventure as you embark on this process now, and without a doubt, it will soon be calling you."

Nice ! That either means pushing myself out into blogger community is going to be a wonderful thing, or (less exciting version) the recent developments in my workplace - we bought another company, expanding just about all areas of our operations, including number of staff by at least 25% - are going to create some wonderful new opportunities. Or its something I haven't thought of yet. Or its all crap anyway, but at least it makes me smile. Lets hope its the blogger-poker-first british wsop winner thing anyway.

Tonight I'm going to try and find some more bloggers to add to my yahoo IM list, and hopefully stay awake long enough to play in the WWdN tournament, which starts at midnight uk time, by which time I may be wasted, if I'm lucky. While I'm playing in that I'll be listening to Nerina Pallot, If you liked Sheryl Crow or Tori Amos its similar but fresher work, great lyrics and amazing musical talent. I'll also be listening to KT Tunstall and of course the very reliable Snow Patrol. If you're in the US and dunno what to listen to tonight, I suggest you hit Radio 1's website and go to the listen again section, Chris Moyles' and his breakfast show is the saviour of British radio in the 21st Century, and Scott Mills' take-away calls are always worth listening to. Plus you get to widen your horizons, and learn british humour ready for next time you bump into one of us at a blogger gathering !

--- goes to lunch ---
--- queues for 25 minutes at tax office ---
--- pays bill ---

f**k that hurts my bankroll (my lifetime bankroll not my poker one)

It's cold and windy out there too, we've got some freak southerly 70mph winds this week, meanwhile homegame regular Dan is in Australia with his girlfriend enjoying 26C sunshine on the beach. B***ard. Dan, if you're reading, hope you're having the holiday of a lifetime and try not to get eaten by any sharks, k.

I finished reading "Shut Up and Deal" by Jessie May this week (he's the commentator on a lot of the poker channel shows over here with a way with words) it's a great book, it makes a refreshing change from all the strategy books I've read and it's full of stories that will make you laugh and keep turning the pages. His way of writing is just like the way he commentates, all flowing and lively yet somehow still coherent and once you start it you won't want it to stop. I highly recommend it if you like to read good poker stories, and you'll be nodding your head in sympathy at the "gotta get even, gotta get even, gotta get even" moments.

That's all for now, time for you, and me to do some real work !


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