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Monday, December 05, 2005


Stayed in on Friday and as you may have seen below played ok, got sucked out on, went on tilt, got too tired & drunk to tilt anymore and played well enough to make a final table. However staying up till 4am to see my QQ beaten by 88 was, in hindsight -EV. I was shattered on Saturday, so instead of playing I called Hooks & Twister to see what they were up to

Hooks - Hello
Me - Hi mate, what you guys up to today
Hooks - My face hurts and I'm killing Space Orcs but you can come round as long as I don't have to do anything
Me - Sound, see you in 10

When I got round there I discovered 2 friends who had found the worst hangover's in a decade, and had lost 1 mobile phone, 1 bottle of tequila, and about 3 hours of the night before. It was good entertainment and they did perk up a bit by the time it reached evening. Then, realising I'd qualified for a 9:30pm tourney on betfair, geek-panic began. Hook's wireless network had decided to flip out and let me connect my laptop but only at 1mpbs. Which is NOT fast enough to load up google let alone play poker. To make matters worse Twister forced us to watch Harry Potter and the Chambermaids, which delayed our fixing efforts by an hour. We ordered a chinese, spent half an hour fixing the network (reinstalled drivers, still kept dropping to 1, but generally maintained 11mpbs), and were ready to go. Wait. No smokes ! Damnit. I ran out to get some smokes, got back at 9:24pm. By which time TG & LEM had arrived, and logged into a SNG on my account ! No worries though, TG took that one down easy and profited me £9. The chinese arrived, the MTT started, we watched Catwoman on Sky Movies. Maybe it's something to do with Halle Berry in that cat-suit but I don't remember much of the MTT... All I know is we switched over to Match of the Day at 10.40 and I was still in the tourney (Soccer note to AlCantHang - Chelsea were lucky 'Boro should have won) I think I lasted until the second break, didn't push a gutshot that I should have taken my chances with, was shortstacked and then lost a race.

After that we played PES on the xbox for a while and I clean-sweeped the room, although apparently it doesn't count because of hangovers and Hooks being too scared to play. When it was time for the runner's up game (a lacklustre 0-0 between LEM & Twister) I looked back at my laptop - TG was playing another game on my account ! This one was a £20+2 6-pack and we finished second after being chip leader heads up, having the game won and the other guy hitting runner-runner trip 5's to make him chip leader, we went card dead and that was that.

Sunday was a family lunch day and I took a break from poker, it was nice to have a day off for a change. I should have changed my slow leaking car tyre that's now half flat, but was too lazy. Now I have to hope it lasts another week. Tonight I think I'm going round Jay's cause I haven't seen him in weeks and we need to catch up. He's got his Mac wireless sorted now anyway, so I'll probably be online while I'm there, but I'll not be sitting at the tables, the first couple of days this week are refresher time.

P.S. Did I mention I wish I was going to Vegas !


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