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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dear Diary

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Human Head

Still here ? ok, you must be a blood relation. I was completely exhausted mentally yesterday. I got about 3 hours sleep on Monday night, insomnia is becoming a regular occurance. No doubt part of it is due to cutting out cigarettes, which is giving me more energy, there's also a niggling feeling that working 9-5 programming isn't what I'm supposed to be doing in my life anymore. It's got boring. Just like when I first started out in full time employment, doing fund and trust administration, it's reached a point where it's just not interesting to me anymore. It's the same situations, problems and solutions repeated day after day.

So, after hardly any sleep I was half an hour late to work. Had a crappy day, the highlight of which was being able to sit at my desk for the entire afternoon with an unlit cigarette in my mouth. It worked, and stopped me needing to go outside and light up. When I got home I knocked up a new spreadsheet for bankroll tracking this year and then jumped on two $1-2 tables on Stars. Both of them seemed fairly tight, although I wasn't paying full attention. I made close to $80 on each in an hour and a half and then quit while I was ahead. It's always nice when the first entry on a spreadsheet is posting a win, even a small one.

I thought of one more aspiration for 2006... Finish anywhere in the money in one of the 500k guaranteed tourneys on Stars.

And the 2005 Best bits ...

Winning enough at poker to get to America

Planning the US road-trip, especially the day Trinidad v Wright was confirmed on May 14th.

San Francisco and stumbling back from Golden Gate Park

Rio, with her white Cowboy hat, boots and hot-pants

Snow Patrol @ The Warfield

A very cold, wet night in a tent at Yosemite
Monterey for Cinqo de Mayo, Tequila is your friend !
The Hooks San LO Beer Bounce incident #1
Not-quite getting lost in the wrong neighbourhood in L.A.
The Taxi driver who had no meter and drove off thinking we were the cops
Moby in L.A.
Jumping the Hotel security fence cause no one could be arsed to let us back in

Getting hassled for a lift by the guy who claimed he'd just been released from Jail whilst trying to work stupid petrol pumps

Leaving L.A. on the Nascar like freeway

29 Palms,
Two barmaids jumping fully clothed into the pool at midnight
Fussball in morning desert heat

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon, and Deer stalking

First sight of Las Vegas

The heart-pounding excitement of my first live game of poker in a casino

Hooks eating Chinese at the buffet 3 times a day

Twister's naked romp through the corridors of Luxor

Finding out that there is no need to gamble in a casino when you have a Sega Derby Owners Club horse racing machine

The Blue Man group

Hooks Beer Bounce #2

Winky Wright outboxing Tito Trinidad, just as I said he would

Hooks' Beer Bounce #3

Having several layers of the poker 'fog' lifted

Starting this blog!

That balmy August day on the boat with Brothers & Nephews catching more than 20 fish in as many minutes


USA 2005 was a trip I'll never forget, maybe that's why I'm so keen to go back. Holy Crap, the January flight sales are on! Holy Crap it's only £318 return to San Fran or Vegas! Holy Crap I might just be in Vegas in May 2006 !

Someone just wet their pants....


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