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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hello again

Hi ho neighbour ! Yup, I'm back, finally. Sorry if you've been stopping by to see nothing new, but I really needed time off. I feel great about it too. The itch to play and play well is finally back. The only games I've played this year have been home games, and although I haven't one any of those it's down to Hook's incredible lucky streak rather than my bad play. Hook's has hit 6 or 7 less than 15% chance miracles in the last 4 games we played. Not all against me, thank god, so we're all sharing a bit of the pain.

I started a new role at work while I was away, which is pretty interesting and certainly a good start to the year. More actual work and less corporate BS is always a good thing. In relative terms I'm approximately 5 miles outside the sphere of Management Mumbojumbo, but the eye wall is constantly moving and this afternoon at 3pm I was as little as 1.2 miles away from the centre. At that range low flying bullshit was a hazard but the storm soon passed and is not expected to return until Friday lunchtime.

So finally tonight I'm gonna get back to playing poker. It's quite exciting really. Almost like starting all over again, I hope I remember how to fold !


Blogger littleacornman said...

Good luck in your new role.Hope you hit the ground running ;-)

12:48 pm  

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