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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Welcome to 2006

Ah 2006, Eh, Isn't it ? Hmm. Aaah, remember 2005 ? There weren't any bad beats and suckouts in the good old days ! It's not true, obviously, but just like with past relationships, sometimes looking back at a years worth of poker you remember all the good bits and forget the fact that you got screwed over several times in between. '05 was my second year as a beginner poker player, and I learnt a lot. I read somewhere that on average players take 2 years to become a break even or small profit turning player. Thats me, at least I hope thats me. I made a profit last year, but that was mostly due to decembers tourney finishes, and without them I would just be breaking even. I'm learning how to play NL ring for profit, finishing deeper in tournaments and playing fewer SNG's. In 2006 I want to move my bankroll from 4 to 5 figures and be earning at a rate that is equivalent to $50/hour. Only time will tell if that's too ambitious or not ambitious enough. I suspect it is attainable simply by providing more focus to my games at the NL cash tables. Maintaining focus is one of the biggest leaks in my game at the start of 2006, and I'm determined to find ways to fix that. I have all the ingredients ready to take a shot at this, and I'm damned if I'm going to keep getting up every morning to do a job I hate for the next 30 years. If poker doesn't replace it then another job will have to, either way I won't be sat at this desk writing the same post a year from now.

It's traditional so here's a list of resolutions and aspirations for 2006

Quit Smoking (3 days done !)
Increase bankroll to $10,000
Qualify for EPT Tournament
Qualify for WSOP
Make the same amount from playing as I do from working 9-5

Good Luck to all of you in 2006, enjoy every moment !


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