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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

le weekend

Hello bloggers, readers, players. Hows tricks ? Life's pretty good here in the European blogosphere. I've spent last week layed low with a chest infection which meant no work and not much poker until Friday, but the weekend has been very good to me and I'm slowly learning the differences between tourneys and $1/$2 cash games. Sunday went so well at the cash tables that even losing $200 with pocket rockets not once but twice in the space of 15 minutes still didn't sour the day's play. One must simply be happy that there are still guys out there who'll pay $15 preflop with Ac9h and call a $45 bet on the flop with only a gutshot draw.

Sunday night as I was winding down I sweated -SOXY- in the $1M gtd on Stars, he finished in the money, only busting when his QQ ran headlong into AA. Bad luck, but well played lad. Finishing ITM in that field is still a great achievement.

Speaking of big tournaments, I guess everyone's heard the news about ZeeJustin, one of the online players who was gaining a reputation as a great MTTer. Well, just to recap he's been busted from Party for having multiple (like 6) accounts enter the same tournament. Talk about giving yourself an unfair advantage. Good news for everyone else at least, and great to see such high profile players come down on hard by site security. Maybe they'll do a "ZJ busted" tourney with the overlay being all his confiscated funds ?!!


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