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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Short one -

I'll be back home tonight, aaah, lovely. In the meantime though lets give a big belated welcome back to The College Poker Girl. I was enjoying reading Anna's posts at the end of last year when she suddenly disappeared after a post about it being as hot as hell in Arizona. Go check out her stories when you have 5 minutes between hands....

On another note any dream experts out there drop me a line about this one - Had the most vivid dream for years last night where I was with my ex from 10 years ago (the first love u never forget) we were on a cruise ship which I imagine must have been sinking because I was desperately trying to reach her and couldn't, wierd obstacles like cars and stuff kept getting in the way. Anyway I was just reaching out my hand to finally reach her when I woke up. Wierd huh ? Two angles I have on it so far are 'it's time to let go' or 'its time to get in touch again'. Let me know if you've got any thoughts on it, or whether you even think dreams mean anything at all!


Blogger BG said...

Dude, you know that's a fake blog right? I mean, it's a construct to bubble an asbestos lawyer website to the top of the Google pile (along with a poker portal). Totally fake. There is no Anna.

1:05 pm  
Blogger Tan said...

Aww crap, thanks for the heads up dude.

4:42 pm  

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