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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brain fart

Yeah, its been about a week, so shoot me. It's really hard keeping this up right now, poker is taking up all of my "spare" time, and work is really busy. So the little breaks at work that used to allow me to empty my cluttered mind are now few and far between. I'm writing this one at lunchtime. Whilst that gives me a chance to waffle for a bit, it doesn't let me get to useful stuff like my results for the last few tournaments. General idea for you all though - I've been playing cash NL, think I have a fairly tight winning strategy for them, but could possibly die from boredom whilst playing them. Therefore I've bought a 22" monitor that can easily fit 4 very clear tables on it at the same time, 2 cash, 2 tourneys. So far (for the 4 days I've done it) I haven't cashed in the tourneys and the cash games are covering my entry fees. My results graph trickles down to the right each evening and then has a little jump up at the end of each day to restore the balance. Though I haven't cashed in the tournaments I'm happy with the way I've been playing, satelliting into the last 3 $1mill guaranteed's on Stars and hitting 3 bubbles in the 180 MTT's. If I carry on like that its only a matter of time before cards fall my way at the right time.... watch this space.


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