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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last Night...

Got home fairly early last night, and thanks to the clocks going forward a week earlier here, that gave a chance to sign up for the $5 rebuy on Stars. It turned out to be a minimum investment rebuy, $15.50, after my initial rebuy at the start and then the add-on. Depending on your outlook I was either fortunate or unfortunate to be sat at a reasonably tight table, so no chance of gaining a monster stack, but I wasn't in the mood for crazy suckouts anyway. I busted after about 4 hours just short of the money, the annoying thing is I was playing really well, and when I finally called for all my chips it was more about justifying my read than thinking I was ahead. Silly thing to do if you want to win, but at least I can still take a positive away from it. Trust Your Reads! It's all good.

Dan came round for a while too as it's the last day before he goes skiing in Breckenridge for 3 weeks, I've never been skiing but he loves it and goes across once a year if possible. Have a good time mate, I'll win a tourney while your gone !

P.S. If anyone's gonna be in Vegas in June, leave me a comment or drop me a line, it would be superb to hook up with you real bloggers while I'm out there.


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