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Friday, March 24, 2006

Vegas !

It was a Saturday night and 6 of us were deep into the home game rebuy tourney. Blinds were getting big and everyone was starting to take things as seriously as they could after several shots. UTG, Guy folded then asked no one In particular "Is it a bit sad to go to vegas on your own?", the responses followed the action around the table "No", "NO", "no", "No", "No way" All of us agreed that if you have the opportunity to visit vegas you should grab it.

A week later and 3 of us have booked a week in vegas from the 9 - 16 June ! Incredible. I shouldn't be spending a grand on a week trip. I shouldn't be going on two holidays in the space of three weeks. But I also shouldn't be spending 3 hours a day looking at boobies on the internets and 14 hours a week playing poker and hell, that hasn't hurt me. We're on our way back at last :o)

Just like last time we decided to go away the more sensible crew members say they should be saving rather than frivolously spending on this trip. So, just as before now would be an extremely opportune moment for the poker sites to do me a favour and throw a tourney win my way so I can force them to come on a freebie, I think situations like this are what focus me, give me goals I can't ignore, make me sit up and work for it. I hope I get an opportunity to shine over the next couple of weeks.


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