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Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Update - HUC & $1M gtd

Went round to Hooks' place on Saturday night, I played a few MTT's on my laptop while he improved his MTT game in the $4.40, 180's that are now running. When I arrived I announced that I was going to win my seat in the Qtrly $1m GTD that was going to run on stars the following night. 5 hours and 6 rebuys later I had, being 1st in chips in the 329 player MTT I entered when we got down to the final 9, who all got a seat. Excellent, mission accomplished. $1,000 ticket won.

Sunday came and Veneno sent me an IM, did I want to play in the HUC running tonight ? Yup, of course I did. The HUC was due to start 30 mins before the $1 mill, so it was a nice warm up. I was drawn against Surflexus and we had a really good match, I took a small early lead and held onto it until about half way through, then Surflexus took the lead and was relentless in his raising on the button, to be fair I must have looked weak folding so many hands, but he showed some very good hands down too when I was folding. It then came down to my pocket tens vs his A8, Surflexus had a 2-1 chip lead and I was allin, he thought for a minute then called and turned an ace to finish me off, the game lasted about 25 mins, which was about 10x longer than the other match in our group ! I really enjoyed the challenge and was well up for the $1m.

There were around 1500 entrants in the $1m, second hand I get J 10 sooted in the cutoff and raise it 3x, everyone behind me calls (since they have 3000 chips to start) the flop is 10-6-4 rainbow, I bet the pot and the button calls. Turn is the 8 of clubs, putting 2 clubs out there, I bet the pot again, the button calls again, river is the 5 of diamonds, I bet 2/3rd pot. Button calls and shows 6-5 off suit for two pair. Ok I was aggressive with a marginal hand, but I was ahead till the river. Annoying but I still have 2k chips left. 28 minutes in and I get dealt QQ in middle position, it's folded to me and I raise 4x BB, the big blind just calls. Flop is 9xx and I bet out, he min raises me I think and reraise allin, he calls and has KK and knocks me out. Dunno if I can get away from that. Maybe the mistake was not giving him enough credit for a min reraise, but so often that's some doofus with 1010 or JJ that I fancied it. Oh well, another bust out, maybe i should have taken the $850 cash instead !

That's all for now, work is going to continue to be mad busy this week so dunno how much poker I'll get to play but hopefully a little more than none at all.

Good luck.


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