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Monday, April 10, 2006


I've had time to think about the 1Mgtd last night now. The trouble was everyone at my table seemed to be playing "Dan Harrington Tight". Seriously, the only action in the first hour was when Aces ran into Kings, even then it was bloody obvious the guy had Aces, as Phil Gordon says "against good/tight players the 4th raise ALWAYS means Aces", too bloody true ! I got aces and queens in the first hour and everyone folded to a standard raise. I got KK just after the first break and again everyone folded and also my QQ didnt get paid off. I'd checked everyone out in TPDb when we started and all but one had played in the 1Mgtd before, I guess they were all hoping someone would blow up into them. A lesson from this I think is that I should have taken more chances calling 3x raises earlier on, losing a few chips to try and hit a good concealed hand against these tight weanies. I'll try and remember that next week, it would have been much more enjoyable to do this and at worst get to a point where I could get action as a short stack rather than playing the same as all the other guys and waiting for aces or kings.... Another one for the list.

Have a great week and may all your pots be monsters.


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