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Monday, June 19, 2006

Vegas baby !

I'm back from Vegas and completely exhausted… the jet-lag is just about wearing off now and I'm back in work and trying hard not to get too deep into corporate mumbo-jumbo too quickly. Unfortunately for the few of you who read this blog, a lot of what happens in vegas has to stay there else we might incriminate ourselves, but lets just say there were raises and reraises, chuck-ups and fuck-ups, all on-red, all on-black and all-ins, conversations with hookers, strippers and drunken lawyers, double 00's and double shots, trifecta's, superfecta's and world cup 'soccer' matches. It was a cracking week. I would have stayed if I had a green card and more bottle. Playing poker at the Mirage was the biggest highlight for me, playing roulette at 5am while blind-drunk was another. I'm sure I'll recount more when I'm less tired and my reflective is head is back on straight, damn I love that place, I've already started looking at flight prices for the return trip, hopefully I can go 3 trips for 3 years. I basically won enough to cover the flights & hotels, though I dumped a lot of that our final night, when we were out till 6am and we checked out of the hotel at 10.

More to follow in a little while, for now it's back to the grind of work and internet poker !

Hope y'all had a great week.


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