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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bankroll building

G'day folks, so it's been like a week since my post cause nothing to exciting has happened on the poker front. Work has been insane thanks to the new (old) computer system I inherited which has been totally fubar'd for the last 2 years but cowboy's have hidden all the cracks. The main problem with pointing out, and subsequently fixing, bugs in a computer system is that you also become associated with the bugs you point out, users of the system assume that they're your fault in a 'he who smelt it, dealt it' kind of way. Troublesome times, thank god for the relaxation I get each evening from the rhythm of the cards, otherwise I'd likely be a grand-theft-auto induced serial killer by now.

Onto poker… in case you don't know, which you probably don’t seeing as I didn't post, last weekend saw some serious decimation of my bankroll. It was the usual stuff, aces vs kings and the kings won, trip 9's vs aces with an ace on the river, you know the stories so I won't go into hand histories. The final outcome was that I'd dropped three-quarters of my bankroll at Stars and was down from $560 to $140 in the space of 3 days.
Yeah, I hear ya
"Tan, I thought you said you were a winning poker player, how could you let this happen?"
Well, I'm an idiot on occasion. Not with my cards but with my bankroll.
"What went wrong?"
I tried to run before I could walk, with a bankroll of only $560 I was sat at a $200 table - that's 35% of my bankroll on the line in a single game. This is the sure road to two problems… 1 - playing too tight tilt and 2 - oh my god I just lost 35% of my money tilt. I hope my example serves as a lesson to someone, but to be honest I think this is one you have to learn for yourself by going through it, which in my case is the FOURTH TIME ! How dumb is that !
"So what's the plan now ?"
I've spent the week playing back at the uber-fishy 25c-50c tables which has suprisingly been a joy. Last night my bankroll tipped the $400 mark again and I've also pushed my measly $30 bankroll at Fulltilt up to $140 playing on their even more fishy 10c-25c tables. I have to admit it's a relief to have made the money back, but it's also nice to know that the safety net is there if I do something so silly again. Who'd have thunk you could make $370 in a week playing 25c-50c.

Hopefully you won't be offended to hear I've been having to read your blogs whilst on the toilet, at work, on my mobile this week. Things are that busy that there's no other way for me to keep up with all the vegas report goodness and WSOP mania. Good to see that everyone had yet another awesome time though, can't wait to join the crew one day for a blogger gathering. As it's tourney time in vegas it means that the time of year is approaching when us Europeans get to enjoy the poker spotlight, Stars are running satellites to the first event of this years EPT which will be held at the Casino Barcelona, Spain from September 13-16 and just after that it'll be the EPT London event on the 21-24th. So, being the high-aiming flyer that I am I've set myself the challenge of winning entry to both, and shall mostly be playing in the 40FPP satellites to get there, they're just such good value.
In other news the weather is absolutely red-hot in the uk right now, which is wonderful if you can get of the office to enjoy it! Yesterday saw record temperatures for July and I hope and pray that I won't have to work this weekend so we finally get a chance to use our boat for the first time this year, as the forecast is sunny, 26-29c, with a 6mph sea breeze. In other words perfect conditions for the bliss of going around our island on the speed boat and spotting dolphins… my idea of heaven :o)

Good luck folks, and in case I don't see you…

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight :o)


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