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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dont tap the glass

I ran into some really nasty players at the tables last night, of course part of the problem was that I was really too tired to play, but still I ran into the good, the bad and the ugly as I bounced around pokerstars. So far this week I'm up $320 despite losing two stacks of $100 when my full house's have been bettered, but last night I took a $150 dent through a couple of dumb errors at fishy tables and then my set got me stacked by a guy with a flush draw which hit on the river. Oh well that’s the nature of the game and I'm very used to it by now, but being down a bit on yesterday just makes me want to jump back on the horse asap and get it back. The worst thing I saw last night was not one, but two players calling others idiot or dumbass after winning money off them !! Sorry, but you're the dumbass if you're going to slag someone off for bluffing into you and then paying you off when you reraise. Talk about tapping the glass !
Well anyway I'm unlikely to play tonight as it's my old man's 73rd birthday. Pressies and family dinner in store round at my sisters so should be a fun night.
I think on Friday and Saturday I'll probably be in 'tourney mode' trying to win entry to the 1 mill on Sunday. It depends, the cash games are really juicy at the moment… must be the college kids on summer holiday ??
Good luck at the tables folks.


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