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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany so unlucky !

Whaddayaknow ? Last night I actually played some poker. Work was suprising quiet, it seems the hard work quarter will pay off with a smooth valuation run. So I left on time, at 5.15 and Hurricane drove down to my place. He lives on the opposite corner of the island to me, so his drive is almost a whole 20 minutes ! Yes, that's how 'local' this little place is. Anyway, he arrived about 6.15. Before the world cup semi between Germany and Italy started we played a little counter-strike, decided it was too intense and then played a little TOCA, a few fender-benders later we decided that was too much for us as well and logged into the poker accounts instead. I played on my laptop at a $100nl table on Stars, while H, on my main pc played $ .5/.10 nl with what was left on my account at absolute. While Germany and Italy battled it out in one of the highest quality football matches I've ever seen, we battled it out against the cards. At the end of the match, with just 2 minutes of extra-time remaining Italy struck the winning goal, and then banged another one in as the final whistle blew just for good measure. The poker we played was ABC, because the football was grabbing far more of our attention. In the end I quit up $30 and H quit up $8, and he only sat down with $4. In fact he should have finished up $14 but on the final hand after flopping the nut straight he got allin on the flop with '2-pair guy' and '2-pair guy' turned the full house to steal a bit of the evening's profit.

Italy played superbly, and deserved their win, even though Germany were very very nearly a match for them and also played with skill and bravery. Another good thing is that it's put poker back on my mind, and for the first time since vegas, I can't wait to get home and win a tourney tonight.


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