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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Million GTD

Now, I could tell you I got busted out of the tourney with an M of 4.6 when I pushed into pocket Kings, and you'd say "ah that's unlucky dude". But that's not entirely true. My own foolishness cost me this tournament and below is the explanation why.

I am officially a complete muppet. I did possibly the stupidest thing I've ever done in a tournament. Having got through the first hour nicely, with T4050 and in 390th out of the 1510 who remained, I had spotted the poor player at our table. He would play too many hands, limp UTG, and bet any flop which he had a piece of, including when he had bottom pair. He also called everything down. My notes were as long as my arm, I had to scroll down to read them all. The main point of them was "DO NOT BLUFF INTO THIS IDIOT". Then, 15 minutes into the second hour, ignoring all that good read, I bluffed into him on every street, betting the pot on the flop, when he had what turned out to be a gutshot straight draw, so of course he called. The gutshot hit the turn, and I bet the pot again, which he called when there were two two-flushes on the board. Not to be outdone, when he checked the river I bet yet again, and he just called yet again, when he had the nuts!

I know what came over me, the same thing I shake my head at when I see arrogant twats on TV claiming they believe they'll beat everyone at their table. For those few moments in that hand I totally ignored the only feasable way to beat this guy because I had a total lack of respect for anything he did. It's annoying and now I'm the dumb idiot, instead of the fish who's still in the tourney and has, briefly at least, a stack putting him in the top 100 of those who remain.

The bluffing left me with an M of 4.6, so when I was UTG with Jh10h I pushed what I had left, the button called with KcKh and I donked myself out. At least I didn't get bad-beat out, in a funny way it's easier to take when it's your own mistake rather than cards. It's something one can eliminate easily in the future.


Blogger littleacornman said...

Funny but I find it a lot easier to take when it's just the way the cards have fallen.If it's my mistake sometimes the red mists descends!

3:36 pm  

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