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Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday - Under the gun

Good afternoon, good lord it's 2.30pm already and I'm only just getting around to lunch. I have had a wonderfully successful morning though, and all my outstanding issue have been busted without even putting up a fight. Life is good. Hopefully it means I'm on course for scoring some time off next week too. Pretty surprising that I'm having a good day, 'cause I only got about 3 hours sleep last night. During the insomnia I checked up on our calling station who I'd bluffed my stack into earlier on. When I finally dozed off he was chip leader with 100 left ! For a minute I thought I'd been properly suckered by a pro, but after watching him play a few hands I realised he was still just calling everything down without knowing whether he was ahead or not, gutshot river straight beating two-pair, river flush beating trips, the cards were running pretty hot for him. That's part of the beauty of the game, and the reason we're all here trying to be better players, anyone can win. It's what keeps people coming back when they've never even looked at a book about poker. When I woke up this morning I checked again to see if he'd taken the big prize down, he finished around 50th, scoring $1,200. I know, it's a bit vindictive to not wish the guy luck after he did me like a kipper, but I did feel better about life in general after seeing that eventually the odds caught up with him.

Anyway, it's now a new week and there are new decisions to be made.

I'll more than likely play every night this week except Saturday which is out 'cause its J's birthday. That probably means I'll be hungover for the million on Sunday but I'll give a couple of satellites a shot anyway. Lots of World Series of Online Poker events are on their way shortly too, with satellites already starting on Full Tilt, Ladbrokes, and I imagine PokerStars any day now, 'cause they were running test events for the WCOOP this weekend. That's all from me for now, here's what you should be reading …

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And of course some of the bloggers in the WSOP main event -

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